Hello, WordPress!

The long wait is over.

I have finally found the time to create a WordPress account and start blogging real time and express all my thoughts about things that affect me – movies, music, books and life events that happened, is happening and will happen.

This blog won’t really be about me trying my ass to create a blog that will showcase my vocabulary in the English language. Expect that this blog will also show that even people like me, are susceptible to committing grammar errors. I will not try to sound profound here, you might probably read vernaculars that you haven’t read or heard before.

I might discuss current political issues, the latest trends in fashion, my current obsessions (food, books, TV series, movies, anything under the sun), and life in general.

There won’t be any promises that you will get wisdom or anything to that effect from my blog, but I suppose you must also try to take a look at it.

My blog inspirations are David Guison, Divine Lee and Saab Magalona. ‘di ba, sobrang iba-iba ‘yung taste ko so expect that baka sa malamang mapa-tumbling ka. You will also see, there is a possibility, that my blog would contain profanity and more of it. Nagmumura ako ‘pag extreme emotions ko – whether I am happy, sad, pissed off, bored and all the other emotions I am capable of feeling. As much as possible, I will vow not to blog anything about werk.

So, let us all start this journey as if I am one famous ass who people have been waiting for to blog. This will serve as something that I could look back to, because Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is just so overrated sometimes. It is gonna be like my virtual diary – my parents and the members of my family don’t really know about this, even my BFFs (they are not so much interested in sharing too much about themselves online).

So until my next entry, the real one.



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